Training & Rehabilitation for HORSES

Sometimes it is meaningful to have a horse in professional training for a period. The starting of a horse can be a reason, or to give a rehabilitation process a push.


During the last years I specialised out of necessity on rehabilitation training of horses that due to illness or former career (e.g. as a trotter), or a interessting charackter are in need of a special care. The training is not depending on a breed goes without saying, it is meant for the horse you love and Needs help.


In particularly harmed horses of both, physical or psychological, a longer period of  professional training has to be considered, and clear goals for future healthy body should be made.
For Rehabilitation, I do cooperate with a fantastic Team of a Barehoof-Orthopaedic, a Vet and / or an Osteopath. T
he well-being of the individual horse is always priority, and until now we can proudly say we succeed even with the very difficult and hopeless cases :-)


Since 2017 I am studying Osteopathie and energetic work myself, to even go deeper into the Topic.
As each horse has earned to enjoy my mental an physical Focus, i do Limit the amount of traning horses strictly. Contact me to ask for a free place.

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