Training Horses and Rehabilitation

Sometimes it is meaningful to have a horse in professional training for a period. The starting of a horse can be a reason, or to give a rehabilitation process a push.


During the last years @ Ekeskogs Ridingacademy, next to my daily work with youngsters and our schoolmasters, I specialised out of necessity on rehabilitation training of horses that due to illness or former career (e.g. as a trotter) are in need of a special care. That the training is not depending on a breed goes without saying.


In particularly harmed horses of both, physical or psychological, a longer period of  professional training has to be considered, and clear goals for future healthy body should be made. Often it makes sense to consult with a Barehoof-Orthopaedic, a Vet and / or an Osteopath.

However, the well-being of the individual horse is always priority.

Please refrain of requests in the meaning of "a Piaffe within 6 weeks".

In whatever case, a professional training only makes sense if you as a rider continue your education as well. From experience, a good combination are regular lessons with your horse during the process and / or a stay as a Monthstudent at the end of the term.

More Information on special  request