No, you do not need to have experience with a piaffe already, and yes, you are allowed to enjoy lessons with your sparetime horse that has three unstraight legs and nobody can remember, which breeds where part of its production.
More important is that it is the horse you love and you want to go all the way through education.

The only requirement is that you have the will to learn and to develop, together with your horse, not on your horses costs. Always keeping in mind, that the time with your horse should be time well spend and to keep it healthy.


We will always start to teach on the level you are now - whereever that is. If you need help with the collective work - ok. But if you need help within the basic handling, that is fine, too. For me as an instructor there are two essential issues : to give my students a broad basic education and to teach the horse in a way that it feels pride and pleasure in fullfilling its tasks.

There are different options for starting your personal way into the Art of Riding.

You can attend or arrange weekend clinics all across Europe, you can join of the running education programs (NEW: starting in Finland 2016), you are welcome as an intern, weekstudent or monthstudent at my place in Dülmen, Germany.

Browse through the page and read about your options. And if you have any questions, do not hesitate asking.