Courses & Residential Coaching

You are welcome to participate in my lessons on each level and  develope alongside with your horse.

Residential Students

As a residential Student you spend a study leave of one to four weeks with me.
Use the time for an intensive study period and vacation with your horse.

Groundwork/ Riding: min. 5 Lessons a week, upgrade up to 10 lessons/week possible. We have guestrooms available at the farm, as well as guest boxes and Paddocks for your horse. I recommend combine  your stay with a start-up personal coaching for you. Shorter stays can be arraged. 
Garantee : You will get a 1:1 coaching beeing max. 4 students 

One Week stay: 350€ incl. 5 Lessons, 5 Days Box, Hay & Paddock for your horse
Guestroom: 35€ / Night
addtional lessons: 50€
Personal Coaching: 1€ per Minute 

Book a Clinic 

You can book me for a Day Clinic, a Weekend Clinic or some intensive study days at your place and organize your course @ home.

  • Bodywork - for a better communication of human & horse

  • Biomechanics in Goundwork

  • Biomechanincs in Riding
  • Unterstanding the Secondary Aids 

  • Advanced Groundwork & Lunging 

  • Understanding the Aids - Riding

  • Seateducation 1 - 3: Schooling your Feeling & Balance

  • Collection & Forward

  • Theory
  •  your personal suggestions & needs :-)





Based on the philosophy of the Academic Art of Riding, I believe that education should be accessible to everybody. Therefore, you have  the opportunity to live with us for a period of time as a working student / intern. The minimum period of stay is 6 weeks.


You can apply to be a working student if
  • you are at least 20-years-old
  • you have a horse and can bring it with you
  • you are able to have a basic communication in english as well

As a working student, you take care of all the stable chores and the horses, beginning at 7:00 o'clock in the morning and ending at 20:00 o'clock in the evening, 7 days per week. You have to be well organized, motivated and responsible to get the work done.


As a working student you receive 3 to 4 lessons per week and are welcome to join the other students lessons, clinics and daily Trainings for free. Furthermore, you have free accomodations, which includes your own bedroom and a private bathroom. You will have to provide for your own meals.


Please send me your application via mail including a CV, a picture of you and a short letter of motivation.

Looking forward to meeting you! 

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