Systemic Coaching

A big part of my philosophy is that to become  a better riders, you have to develope yourself as a person. Systemic Coaching is  a wonderfull tool for guiding you into your strenght, in all parts of your life - with or without horses.

Systemic Coaching is a client-centered, positiv, ressouce- and solution orientated work. It is a fantastic tool to develop you personally and find a perspective if in dilema.
As your coach, I promise you to give my very best to help you finding your strength. It is based on the fantastic and inspiering work of Virginia Satir,  A coaching sessions is a valueable tool not only in times of trouble, or a dilema.  It is the luxury of taking time to focus on our values and to listen to your inner needs.
Indeepend if you need a private coaching or a business coaching, we will take the time to clarify your goals, and relying on your ressources going towards it.


You are welcome to bring you topic with you, horsey, non horsey, private or Business.

Personal Coaching

Life turns upside down?  Is it time for a Change? Or do you just want to take the time for a good conversation?
Coaching is YOUR time for your needs, and I am happy to be the partner in your conversation.


Business Coaching

You  want to develope you business? You seek for development in your job? You are planing to get self employed? You need to reorganize your business?

You are welcome to use my competences of both, systemic coaching and marketing.
I promise you to do my very best to help you find your personal needs to follow your dreams.


A time frame of 60 to 90 minutes is usually well suited.


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