According to the philosophy of the Academic Art of Riding, Bent Branderup’s motivation to create a saddle was to provide a good tool for people who are dedicated to the Art of Riding.


The most outstanding difference between a usual saddle and the Bent Branderup® by Stübben saddle is the tree made from leather. Within the Academic Art of Riding, the seat is seen as the first and most important aid for the communication between horse and rider.
Therefore, Bent Branderup has developed a saddle that is smooth enough that the rider can feel the movements of the horse and vice versa give the horse the possibility to feel the exact aids given from the seat of the rider. According to this philosophy, the saddle is meant to be used as a tool working as a connector between horse and rider.

Corresponding to this, it is important to be aware of the riders movements in the saddle and the biomechanics of the horse.
To use the saddle as a fine tool for the mutual understanding between horse and rider, the rider has to be very assure and balanced in the own seat. Because the saddle is shaped between horseback and rider, the saddle is shaped from the riders seat and the back of the horse.

To be able to enjoy the advantages of the saddle, we strongly advise to have a schooled seat before purchasing the saddle, or start to work on a balanced academic seat with one of the licensed Bent Branderup® Trainers. Bent Branderup has chosen to distribute the saddle through his licensed Trainers, to give everyone the possibility to school a balanced seat and to learn how to handle this long – living and important tool in a satisfactory manner.