Within the Academic Art of Riding, the Caveson became an irreplaceable tool in explaining the rider's hand as well as bending and stellning to the horse.

Continuing the horse's education, we combine the Caveson with different briddles, depending on the horse's needs.

Starting with the bending of the haunches, it is a primary goal to keep the upperline long and stretched towards the rider's hand.

Special about the Cavemore is that the leverage influences the skull similar to a curb, so that we can ask the horse to continue to search for the rider's hand.

It goes without saying that even riding bitless is not replacing a well-schooled hand or the communication with the horse.

The refinement of a detailed communication is always defined through the leading hand, and not through the used tool.


Price for the normal Cavemore with three rings: 89 € (incl. tax, 19%) plus shipping costs

Price for the engraved Cavemore with two rings: 109€ (incl. tax, 19%) plus shipping costs

Colour combinations: brown/gold, brown/silver, black/gold and black/silver
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