Welcome to Ekeskogs!

For everybody who cannot get enough.....


As an participant of the basic course, you get as well exclusivly access to the international study group that is meeting twice a year at Ekeskogs.


Why that is so fantastic? And why do you want to do that but for the opportunity to learn more?

That is inspiring and fun to meet people from all kinds of nationalities, meet old and new friends, exchange and collect experiances?


Very easy - the more I am teaching international, the more I realize that one important thing I just cannot give you - and that is real life, real pictures - and all the "of courses". Meaning, that I am of course doing a lot of things in my daily routines, that probably are not so of course for other people....


What does it mean, to do the very normal basic routine, with different horses on different levels, to develop together - find a way together - or sometimes do a mistake?

To look at youngsters, further educated horses or horses on convalescence? Where is the key aspect in the work? And how does that look in a year?


And, least but not last - where should that go, all this walking backwarts groundwork and riding on circles? For what are you doing it, and why does it safe you so much time in the end?


For the study group, we open the Riding Academy for 4 days of watching our morning training with horses on all levels. Hanna and I will stand beside you with help and action in all matters and answer questions.
After a common lunch and a short theory depending on the topic of the day, you have the possibility to join a private lesson with one of Ekeskogs fantastique school horses.


And, btw - in the winter week, you will even have the possibility to watch your intructors struggling during their own lessons in the Bent Clinic and to se the master at work!