What you need to participate:

  • A high spirit and the will to learn (be careful - you could become addicted to it ;-) )
  • You do not need any kind of previous academic education, or a very fancy exercises, or a special talent. More imortant is to be curious and a smart brain.
  • A horse you love
  • A constant horse to train with, at least 3.5 years old 
  • Time for practice, about 4 times per week
  • Time for your own studies
  • Video camera, a computer to send in your home work
  • Cavesson: a well fitted academic art of riding cavesson, cavesson reins, a whip, a nice lunge. You do not need to use a saddle or briddle, if you prefere to work without.
  • A nice possibility to practice, best of course all year.

Recommended literature

Academic Art of Riding, Bent Branderup

Riding with a Curb, Bent Branderup

Steinbrecht, Gymnasium of the horse

Francois Robichon de la Gueriniere, School of horsemanship (Ecole de la Cavalerie)

Antoine de Pluvinel, The Manege Royal

Xenophon, The Art of Horsemanship