Online Lessons

This offer is for you if you do not have the opportunity to see a teacher live regularly, you want to have a check up in between clinics or if you love to get my Feedback on a certain topic that keeps you busy right now.

I do offer you two different options:


1. Send me a video of a work session (up to 30 min), and you get my Feedback  and ideas how to continue developement written down step-by -step.

2. You have an live online lesson (30min) . For that to work, you need a smart phone with a stabile  connection, skype on your phone and a Bluetooth Headset in your ear.  This way, you get an instant feedback and we can work on details together.


Single Lesson:

This offer is good for testing if this offer is for you, or for a homework check-up in between clinics.
Investment: 55€



4- Lesson- Package:

This is for you, if you want to do a bit more. You can use your lessons in your own speed within one month.
Investment: 210€ 


Intensive Package: If you are in a period of struggle, or you just want to have continuity in your approach - than this is for you. Book a package of 8 or 12 lessons, that you use in a time frame of 2 weeks up to a year.
Investment: 400€ (8 lessons) / 580 € (12 lessons)

Upcoming Events


Wochenend - Termine 2018: Home Clinics

Wochenend- und Tageskurse Akademische Reitkunst
SAVE THE DATE  - Termine 2018
 16./17. Juni | 14./15. Juli |13./14. Okt. | 15./16. Dez.
Ein intensiver Kurs in kleinem Rahmen erwartet euch. 
Hier gönne ich mir den Luxus, die Reiterzahl auf 6 Pferde zu beschränken :-)

Der Kurs beginnst Samstag & Sonntag morgen um 9:00 mit Theorie, enthält drei individuelle Unterrichtseinheiten pro Teilnehmer und endet ca. Sonntag mittag gegen 14:00 Uhr.
Mittagessen, Getränke und Kaffee ist im Preis inbegriffen ;-)

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