Seat & Salsa

October 30th to Nov 3rd 2017

Horse Riding:
The dialogue between two bodies and souls, 
which aims to reach the perfect
harmony between them.
- Waldemar Seunig


In his quote, Seunig is putting each riders goals in a nutshell. Riding is a dance between to bodies, and especially the moveability of the rider's hip and pelvis are essential to reach that goal.

But, honestly -

In our often quite busy daily life we often loose the for ourselves and our body. How difficult is it than to develop suppleness and awareness for another body, and even more, to understand how these two bodies interact?

Therefore, we will spend a whole week in September with a special focus on that topic, as well from groundwork as from a riding perspective.



Discover your body

Find patterns in your own movements
Trust yourself! - Balance
The rider shapes the horse
Moveability and awareness of your hips - Influence on your horse
The rider shapes the horse 2

Moveability and awareness of your uppebody and shoulders - Influence on your horse


Leading without stiffness

Continuing - Take home excercises

Consequently, I found a wonderful Co-Teacher who will help us in finding suppleness in our bodies:
Guilia Casalla (  is a professional Salsa-Dancer and teacher, a wonderful pedagogue and trained in the feldenkrais - bodywork-system. A perfect combination for us!
The Education Programs have already tested the concept for us, and now we will spend a whole week with her!

We will start finding out your personal weak and strong points as a riders, and continue developing these points with Guilias help.
We start each day at 9 in the theory room.

Riding is scheduled from 10: 00 - 13:00
Lunch 13:30 - 14:30
Bodywork & Salsa  : 14:30 -17:00

- End of the day -


Prices for the whole week:

Practical participation (with a horse):  800 €

Theory (Practical participation in Guilias Bodywork, but without your own horse): 375 €

included are theory, 5 x 2,5 hours Bodywork & Salsa and 5 private riding lessons, a box for your horse, coffee and a lunchmeal per day.

We can help you finding a place to sleep or booking an appartement at the farm.