Celina & Despino Sommer 2012
Celina & Despino Sommer 2012

Ok, so finally, they did not allow me to not write some words about me and my personal journey into the art of riding....


I'd like to skip that part ... but if you are curious and want to learn more about me....



My way to into the Art of Riding


Despino Summer  2011
Despino Summer 2011

One of my favorite quotes is for sure: Everybody gets the horse  they deserve.


I got Despino......





PRE - Mare, born 2007

If everybody gets the horses they deserve - I must have been a very very good girl lately.



PRE - Stallion, born 2011

So, now I am owning two PREs. Though I originally had no intention to ;-)




Texx  April 2010
Texx April 2010

Texx, our little star.

Always a helping paw prepared, and will do for goodies really everything.

His fanclub finally is big enough that I sponsored him his own Facebook profile....



Upcoming Events


Wochenend - Termine 2018: Home Clinics

Wochenend- und Tageskurse Akademische Reitkunst
SAVE THE DATE  - Termine 2018
 16./17. Juni | 14./15. Juli |13./14. Okt. | 15./16. Dez.
Ein intensiver Kurs in kleinem Rahmen erwartet euch. 
Hier gönne ich mir den Luxus, die Reiterzahl auf 6 Pferde zu beschränken :-)

Der Kurs beginnst Samstag & Sonntag morgen um 9:00 mit Theorie, enthält drei individuelle Unterrichtseinheiten pro Teilnehmer und endet ca. Sonntag mittag gegen 14:00 Uhr.
Mittagessen, Getränke und Kaffee ist im Preis inbegriffen ;-)

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